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A Short Story…

I wrote a short story that’s on The Prompt today. But before anyone asks, there is absolutely no similarity between myself and the main character.

New Piece on The Prompt

It’s pretty stupid, but hopefully gets you a few laughs… Completely Anachronistic Tweets From the Guy In Your Timeline Who Won’t Stop Saying COVID-19 is “Just the Flu”

Send In The Clowns

“Daddy,” she asked as I attempted to rock her to sleep, “can, can, can you sing the other song?” At night we put her in her crib and let her do the work. But nap times are more challenging, so even though Ada is now two years old, I still rock her to sleep in…

Three Dog Night

Here is the scene: we, meaning my wife, myself and our three dogs, are holed up in one of the grossest hotel rooms we’ve ever stayed in. Outside there is almost two feet of snow, and it’s yet to stop. As far as I can tell, we are the only guests in the entire hotel.…

AI, Trump and Money in Politics

So for folks who only read what I write when they get a ping from this blog, I’ll try to post more of my Prompt stuff here. This one is part exploration of the dark side of money in politics and part exploration of how AI works. Click here.