Three Dog Night

Here is the scene: we, meaning my wife, myself and our three dogs, are holed up in one of the grossest hotel rooms we’ve ever stayed in. Outside there is almost two feet of snow, and it’s yet to stop. As far as I can tell, we are the only guests in the entire hotel.…

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AI, Trump and Money in Politics

So for folks who only read what I write when they get a ping from this blog, I’ll try to post more of my Prompt stuff here. This one is part exploration of the dark side of money in politics and part exploration of how AI works. Click here.

I wish I’d known this earlier in my life…

Head on over to The Prompt to read about the history lesson that changed my view of America. Don’t worry, it’s bipartisan. And it involves…wait for it…hippos. So please click, read and if you also feel an overwhelming urge to make other people understand this crazy story in our common history, share.