Taking a Risk…

If you know me (and most people who read my blog probably do know me) – I’m NOT a risk taker. I took a risk a while back and published my first couple pieces on this blog, and since then, sharing my writing doesn’t usually feel risky.

But, this week, over at The Prompt, I wrote a piece that feels (for me) really, really risky. Because unlike personal stories or takes on science and robots, this piece is about a somewhat contentious social issue. I suspect some of you may read it and totally disagree with my opinion on this issue – it may even anger some of you (maybe, I dunno really). It’s a bit on the snarkier side from what I usually publish, especially on this blog. Don’t worry, I don’t expect to convert anyone on the other side. It’s more about standing in solidarity with others who feel the same.

Whether or not you like the piece, I still felt it was something worth sharing. It’s yet another window into me and my particular worldview, which is part of why I assume people enjoying reading things – to get little views of the world as seen through someone else’s eyes.

Anyways, I don’t intend to make a habit of antagonistic posts on contentious topics – so stay tuned for our regularly scheduled content in the future.

Here it is:


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