A Note To Our Reader(s)

Dear Readers,

We here at Atomish are really excited about our growth over the last few months.  According to our internal analytics, each of our posts has garnered at least 2 clicks, that’s two readers – at least one of whom isn’t on our staff!  And they say blogging is dead.

But we also aren’t the kind to rest on our laurels.  We like to think of ourselves as being on the cutting edge, of really pushing the boundaries of electronic publishing.  So today we are announcing something very exciting.  Instead of just publishing one longish piece every few weeks, we are going to start publishing something every day-ish.  Of course these more frequent posts won’t be nearly as long (less than 1,000 words, many probably much shorter).  They may also be a bit more rambling, less interesting and full of typos.  But rest assured, we’ll make sure they are composed of words.

This is part of our long term strategic plan to grow our readership from a couple readers to maybe, if we are lucky, double digit readership.  Of course we know that kind of growth doesn’t just happen overnight.  We are in this for the long haul.

In the future, therefore, you may be seeing a lot more posts on the site.  Don’t worry, if you have no desire to read a 500 word piece on what the author ate for breakfast – we’ll still be publishing the longer form pieces (our ‘Features’ vs. these new daily ‘Shorts’) and so you can feel free to skip over our admittedly click-baity pieces with titles like ‘A Brief Review of What I Watched Last Night on CSPAN’ and ‘Five Medications You’ll Probably Find in Your Grandmother’s Medicine Cabinet’.  We are going to try to visually distinguish Features and Shorts too, maybe using photos with the former and no photos in the latter – but we shall see.

If you currently receive emails from our atomish distribution list you’ll continue to get those when a new Featured Post is published, but we don’t want to assume you want an alert every time a Short is published.  That said, please feel free to scroll down below this post and enter your email address in the ‘Follow This Blog’ box.  Then you can receive an email alert for each and every new post.

Now it’s difficult to write thoughtful, humorous and interesting pieces in well under 1,000 words.  So expect posts that aim to be either interesting, or funny or thoughtful but probably not all three.

We will likely experiment with different kinds of posts.  Expect an attempt to explain Black Holes, for example.   Also expect some brief reviews of our favorite long-form writing on the interwebs.  Have a topic you want us to write about?  Feel free to provide suggestions.  This is all one giant experiment that could be amazing or crash and burn before June.  It’s thrilling to be a part of this, isn’t it?

Starting this week (tomorrow) we will be writing a few ‘ice breaker’ pieces.  Get to know our authors kind of stuff.  There may or may not be a piece on how the Donald is going to Make America Great Again.  Stay Tuned.

We welcome feedback and suggestions in either the comments section (for example, comments on this post), or via email (see the Contact option in the Menu).  Tell us what bored you, what was interesting, or what you had for lunch that day.


Atomish Staff


  1. I’m still available to read for your audioblog should you decide to go that route… would make it easier for those with longer commutes to keep up

    • I am not against that. Personally I listen to just about everything these days. So I suppose I’m a hypocrite in that way…

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